MGB 1 retains ISO Certification with zero Non-Conformity

MGB Region 1 ISO Certification

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. 1 continues and retains its ISO Certification for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 4500 after successfully passing the surveillance audit with zero non-conformity last March 22, 2022 by the certifying body, National Quality Assurance (NQA).

The audit aimed to confirm that the management system had been established implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the audit standard To evaluate the ability of the management system to ensure the client organization meets applicable statutory, regulatory an contractual requirements; To evaluate the effectiveness of the management system to ensure it is continually meeting its specified objectives; To identify as applicable, areas of the management system for potential improvement.

MGB Region 1 ISO Certification


The audit scope included Top Management/MR Audit Context of the Organization Leadership (customer focus/policy/roles and responsibilities), Performance Evaluation (customer satisfaction / management review), Planning (risk/objectives) Internal Audit/CAR/NC Improvement Documents & Records, Human Resources/Training Purchasing/External Providers, Geosciences Operation Mine Management Operation Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Operations, EMS Committee on Environmental Aspect/Impact, Compliance Obligation, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Objectives and Planning, Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation and OHSAS requirements covering the HIRAC, Monitoring & Measurement and Incident Investigation and Evaluation of Compliance.

NQA Lead Auditor Mr, Rannie Bernardino commended MGB 1 and noted ten (10) good points. These are as follows:

  1. Top management and staff commitment in implementing and maintaining IMS was commendable.
  2. Complete, updated and well-maintained documented information is noteworthy.
  3. Consistent good results of customer satisfaction survey was commendable.
  4. Good, complete and updated records and reports with datasheet filing & handling and completeness of documents & evidence for FAD, GSD, MMD & MSESD was commendable.
  5. The readiness and availability of PCO reports and Permits is noteworthy.
  6. Improvements were made for the continual improvement of EMS & OH&S were commendable as follows: The training participant has allowed their PO & SO to officiate the EH updates for the organization to capacitate the employees in the implementation of its EHS Controls. The HIRAC Review Activity was also completed successfully with the Safety Officer empowering each division to contribute in the completion of the OHS Risk Assessment and to create a more comprehensive control system based on actual employee observations last October 27, 2021
  7. The provision of updated training for the Managing Head and alternate PO is a good practice.
  8. The monitoring and data updates of Objectives, targets and programmes is noteworthy.
  9. The maintained QEHS programs in planning to achieved the QEHS objectives are good practices as follows:

- Paper Consumption and conservation

- Electricity Consumption and conservation

- Water Consumption and conservation

- Fuel Consumption and conservation

10.The latest Health and Safety Programs were commendable as follows;

-Inventory of Covid-19 Cases and Vaccinated Personnel

-Report Submission of Form No. 2 Covid-19 Monitoring Sheet

-Occupational Health and Safety Plan of Activities 92021)

-Safety and Health Committee Meeting

-Drivers Defensive Driving Training

-Conducted First Aid Training last Feb. 23-24, 2022

-Stress Management Training

-Participation in the Simultaneous Earthquake Drill

-Updating of Emergency Hotlines

-Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers and other Equipment

-Procurement of PPEs

-Vaccination Program against Covid-19

-OH&S Drivers Meeting

-Office Disinfection Activity

-The Zero Accident Program

-Organizational Rules (maintenance of Safety and Health Policy

-Distribution of Face Masks and Alcohol to Employees

-Documented Safety and Health Program

-Contingency and Evacuation Plan (Spill, Fire and Explosion

-Monitoring of Water Potability through obtaining the Results of Microbiological Analysis

MGB Region 1 ISO Certification

MGB Regional Director Socrates G. Gaerlan thanked the MGB employees for their hard work, cooperation and participation of the attainment of the said ISO certification while ensuring the delivery of excellent public service to clienteles.